About Us

Our offices are located in Tokyo and San Francisco.  However, we are a multicultural and multilingual team with language fluency in Japanese, English, Mandarin, Russian, and Bengali.

Sakura Consulting consists of a dedicated team of people that have an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the Japanese, Hong Kong, Chinese, Australian, and the U.S. markets.  Our experience, knowledge, and the ability to provide essential business services in these markets is one of the areas that sets us apart from our competitors.

Services Provided

Please refer to our “Services” page for complete details. 

Meet the Staff:

Gavin M. Blair, Ph.D. & JD:  Managing Director
Shouta Kobayashi:  Director of Client Relations
Chun Chun Ni, Ph.D.:  Director of Market Research
|–    Director of Japanese, Chinese, & U.S. Energy Research
R.E. “Skip” Blair:  Consultant