Business Set-up, Incorporation, and Related Services

Sakura Consulting provides foreign multinational companies with business set-up and incorporation advisory services in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and the U.S. Below is a list of the most common type of business entities for each country and region in which we are able to provide advisory services.

Please note this is a specialized field and a deep level of expertise is required as laws and business advantages in each country vary. Since we cannot be specialists in every country, for actual business set-up and incorporation services, we choose to work with one of our business partners who are specialists in providing these services for their region. We do this to help provide a full range of service options for our clients, which complement their market entry needs. At SCG, we don’t take risks and this is why we partner with the right people to ensure the best services are provided.

Please click on the region below to learn more details about your new market: