Market Entry & Strategy Support

Entering a country market is an exciting period for a company as it offers the potential for new and unlimited growth opportunities. Opportunities that may spinoff into other county markets. However, market entry and penetration is one of the most stressful and challenging endeavors a company faces. Therefore, it is crucial to devise and implement the right strategy. Below are some keys to success.

Keys to a Successful Entry :
  • Understanding the culture and the uniqueness of the country
  • Understanding the foreign market
  • Knowing your competition
  • Who is your target market
  • Effective marketing and advertising
  • Type of business entity to set-up
  • Understanding your budget
  • Building a cost conscious and efficient supply chain and distribution network (if applicable)
  • Proper price point
  • Strategic hiring
  • Choosing the right people and/or partners to work with

(Working with the wrong people can have serious implications and setbacks beyond the loss of time and money)

Sakura Consulting can help you find your way through the most challenging markets in Asia.

The upside of a successful market entry is entering a new market that has the potential to significantly increase sales and help your company reach new levels. The downside of an unsuccessful market entry can result in a loss of time, money, resources, and damage to your reputation.

Working with Sakura Consulting allows you to work step by step with an experienced team that can build and implement a winning strategy.

Some markets can be difficult places to do business particularly in Hong Kong and China. Depending on the product or service, we may work strategically with reputable and experienced business partners and distributors who have a deep knowledge and expertise in specific markets and a proven track record of success. When required, we work with partners who understand how to navigate these markets, the governmental regulations and processes involved, and who know how to avoid and troubleshoot problems. In such cases, Sakura Consulting works with the best people to provide the best services.

Please see our Partnership Services page for further details.

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