Marketing, Market Research, & Advertising

Marketing and advertising can be one of the most challenging areas for a company entering a foreign market or trying to determine how to increase sales in an existing market.  Sakura Consulting can help provide a clear path to the best ways to maximize your efforts and to help achieve the greatest results.

Home Shopping Channels, Infomercials, & Call Centers:

We are one of the few companies that can arrange marketing campaigns with home shopping channels, infomercials, and call center support.  When selling in a foreign market, home shopping channels and infomercials are an effective way for foreign multinational companies to quickly reach their targeted consumer.  Sakura Consulting can help you launch your television marketing campaign by handling the introductions, arrangements, and agreements with the television stations and all translation and transaction details.  Please note these services are currently only offered in Japan and the U.S but may be available in other country markets depending on the product.

Call Center:

We are able to coordinate call center support services for all sales and marketing endeavors.

Marketing Research:

Sakura Consulting offers insightful marketing research services that allow our clients to better understand their market, industry, and customer base.  Our services include marketing research, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, and forecasting by a highly skilled research team.

Energy Industry:

We provide specialized market research for the Japanese, Chinese, and U.S. energy markets.  This includes energy production and consumption statistics, trends, and forecasting.  We also provide research on energy consumption and trends for appliances and other consumer products for the U.S. markets.  This is a specialized field and Sakura Consulting is one of the few companies that can offer such services and in multiple countries.