Sakura Consulting Group (SCG) understands the need to adhere to and maintain a strict privacy policy in an effort to safely manage and protect the personal and business information and data of our clients.  We take privacy issues very seriously and work to ensure that all information and data is protected and that each employee is trained to fully understand and appreciate the essential need for privacy protection.  Below is a detailed privacy statement (Statement) that demonstrates our commitment to customer privacy.

In the course of business, SCG may be given access to client information and data.  This Statement is meant to describe and disclose our data gathering and dissemination practices and policies.  However, we reserve the right to change this Statement upon 30 days notice.  Notice will be posted on our website and/or we will notify client’s using their primary email address.  This Statement follows the guidelines set by the Privacy Protection Act and is in accordance with international data protection legislation.

All information and data acquired will only be used for agreed upon business purposes and will only be utilized by staff members who have a need to know.  Dissemination of client information and data may be released to our outside business partners for agreed upon services or in preparation for potential services to be rendered.  When such services require dissemination to outside parties, information and/or data will not be released without first providing full disclosure to our clients and obtaining their written consent or consent by email.  SCG will never sell client information or data or look to profit in any way from client information and data acquired during agreed upon services.

By providing us with personal or business information and/or data, visiting our website, or using SCG’s services, you accept and consent to SCG’s use of such information and data as described in this Statement.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at