Visa Services

Sakura Consulting provides visa services for multinational companies that require foreign staffing to start or support a business in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, or the U.S. We work with experienced business partners who are licensed in each country to provide essential visa services and who know how to navigate potentially tricky visa requirements for client employees and their accompanying families.

Thereby, we are able to offer our client’s the best services to ensure their employee visa applications are accurate and expedited, while having the convenience of keeping everything in house. The only fees assessed are the standard industry fees, which are a shared fee between Sakura Consulting and the partnering firm. No additional fees are assessed.

Visa Classifications:

  • Working & Investment Visas
  • Family-Related Visa

General Information:

Visa classification is determined based upon the purpose of why a foreign individual is seeking entry into another country.  Working visas are issued for services that require an extensive level of professional knowledge, education, and/or require a particular skill set.

Visas for the applicant’s family (spouse and/or children) can typically be obtained in conjunction with the applicant’s working visa application.