Sakura Consulting is a uniquely positioned company that provides business and consulting services, market entry-strategy-support, and business process outsourcing support services in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australian, and in the U.S. We are successful in providing these services because we understand the challenges that each client faces in navigating these markets. These are high growth markets and Sakura Consulting can help you strategically bridge the gap into these countries.

We have a highly experienced team and utilize strategic partnerships that allow us to work in Japan, throughout Asia, and in the U.S. What separates us from our competitors is that we not only want our clients to succeed but to be a partner in their continued growth and long-term success. We measure success not just by quantifiable financial results but by placing our clients in the best position to achieve their goals and by adding value to their business. This is accomplished by building long-term relationships with each client, taking the time to truly understand their business and objectives, and by designing an approach that maximizes the value of our services.